Retail and Operations Management System

Here’s our top 5 Features and Benefits

Tailored collection of High Quality Data

Redefine processes and enable high quality data to flow upstream within your business. Furthermore, tailor & control exactly what data you’d like to extract from different departments or pharmacies.

Optimise & Redefine ‘end of day’ processes

Eliminate paper, spreadsheets, email, fax and other archaic systems that lead to fragmentation; ensure all Rx item, Services and Retail data from your pharmacies is collected in an aligned manner and presented effectively to your Area Managers and Senior Leadership Team

Beautiful and Effective presentation of data

You’ll want to know that each pharmacy is heading in the right direction when it comes to every facet of revenue and cost – and so will your Area Managers when it comes to their devisions. Charting real-time data against historical trends make it easy to react in an effective and appropriate manner. Furthermore, empowering your pharmacists to register constraints leads a healthier and more objective approach to problem solving.

Intuitive CRM

Customer Relationship Management can be utilised in so many positive ways. It’s at the heart of our RetailOps systems to enhance the communication between people and departments; word of warning – *Healthy Company Culture is Essential*

Effective Performance Management

High Quality Data is essential for the effective Performance Management of any business. It’s easier to identify & eliminate waste, or to perhaps provide training & support to colleagues in whom skill gaps have been identified.

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