Pricing Structure

A little information on how we price our systems

Our fees include full and unlimited Technical Support Management Consultancy, Project Management & Change Management Continuous Improvement in prompt response to User and Client Feedback

Price Structure

Our systems are available on a ‘per user/pharmacy, per month’ basis, with a minimum term in place. They all enable your business to realise its full potential, so there’s unlimited use for the user fee. The monthly fee is based on your requirements and the complexity of the implementation process with respect to your pharmacies, departments and other partners.

Discount Scale

Whilst our systems work very well alone, they’re at their most powerful when used in combination. To complement this we offer a discount scale when 2 or more of the systems are selected to deliver even more value to your business. This scale depends on the features of each respective system, the number of services you wish to provide and the number of users within the organisation.

Quotation Process

Our systems are tailored to your business and, aside from the core, aren’t an ‘off-the-shelf’ or ‘one size fits all’ product. We adapt each of the systems to the way your organisation works, or the way it intends to operate in the future as part of a wider business transformation project.

With that in mind we deliver exactly what your organisation needs to serve its Strategic and Operational requirements. That means we can maximise the Value of the systems to you, as you won’t be paying for modules or features that no one in the business uses.

As part of a consultation process we’ll work with your colleagues to elicit these requirements and then provide a quotation for an appropriate solution. We invite you to be creative in shaping the future of your business. Contact Us to arrange a free and friendly chat.

Contact Us to arrange a time to learn more about how our systems can help your business. As part of the process we’ll learn about the challenges you face and where you’d like your organisation to be in the near future.