Independent Prescribing and TeleHealth Systems

Here’s our top 5 Features and Benefits

Connect your Pharmacy Organisation like never before

Our robust IP system gives your IPs everything they will need to provide and document a 1st class consultation, whether this be face-to-face from a pharmacy consultation room or via a digital device with a patient that’s at home. IPs can send a digital private Rx to any one of your pharmacies to be dispensed, or for a service to be delivered to the patient.

Reach patients nationwide

With the emergence of TeleHealth it’s now possible to provide high quality consultations to patients all over the UK. Our system gives you everything you need, including the flexibility to send a digital private Rx to your online pharmacy if you deliver medicines nationwide.

Effective pre-screening tools; everything an IP may need before holding a consultation

Elicit all of the information you need from your patients before holding a Tele Consultation with them. That includes anatomical maps, photos and video media to provide a comprehensive picture of the patients presentation. Upon summary, it’s just a short and effective conversation that’s required before a potential outcome is determined by the IP.

Formulary Management

Having the ability to control formularies helps you to manage cost and ensure that IPs only prescribe in line with their competencies and the latest clinical guidelines.

IP Competency Mapping

Manage the types of consultation that your IPs can provide so as to ensure patients are looked after by experts with the appropriate knowledge and experience. Furthermore, allow our system to manage the customer-facing diary for your appointments based on these competencies, the working rota of each IP and their upcoming annual leave.

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